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The Diet and Exercise board is intended as the board for posting questions and discussions regarding diet and exercise in relation to IIH. There is also a 'child board' for the sharing of healthy recipes and diet tips.

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  • please don't post general IIH related questions in this board - general questions about IIH should go on the relevant board in the "Discussions section of the site, i.e. 'Medical Treatments', 'Surgical Treatments', 'General IIH Questions & Answers' etc.
  • please remember that we're not doctors, and shouldn't be giving medical advice - please see the relevant sections in the forum's rules about medical advice and prescription medication. Sharing your experiences of what's worked for you and your IIH is fine, but you shouldn't be telling other members things like, "If you take X, Y and Z it will improve your symptoms" - there's more guidance on this in the forum rules.
  • doctors are highly trained and experts in what they do, and they prescribe based on your individual circumstances, symptoms, and medical history, and it is not our place to question the treatments that doctors prescribe. Discussions regarding the "best" treatments are not permitted in this board, and members should also be aware that just because a particular treatment has worked for someone else, it may not work for you, or indeed be suitable for you, and we do not encourage members to approach their doctors regarding their treatments based on what they have read on the forum
  • while the exact causes of IIH are currently unknown, it is recognised that statistically the majority of IIH sufferers are, or have been overweight. We all know though that IIH affects many different people of many different body shapes. It is also a medical fact however that being overweight is not good for your general health for many reasons, and there is some evidence suggesting that for some people losing weight can improve some IIH symptoms. In view of this, questioning whether a doctor's advice to lose weight is correct is not helpful, and is not encouraged on this board.
  • Please do not slander or defame the medical community. We've all come across doctors/information that is out-of-date or that we've had bad experiences with, but doctors are qualified professionals, and they do their best to do what's right for us. To make any kind of progress in finding answers about this condition we need to work with the medical profession, and not against them. Blaming doctors for not having all the answers is not fair, and is not something that will be tolerated in the community. Equally blaming doctors for not knowing all there is to know about IIH isn't fair either. IIH is a rare condition and many doctors may not have come across it before in their professional life. While we have rights as patients, we also have responsibilities too, and one of those is not to undermine the very people who are trying to help us, and take responsibility for our own health and welfare.
  • please start a new thread for each of your questions, which will help other members who are searching for information on a specific subject and allow others to comment on your questions. If you're commenting on another member's post, please don't add in another question of your own to the discussion - start another thread for it.
...and of course as always, play nice and stick to the rules. ;)

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Diet for IIH Patients

Post by Hannah01 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 6:03 pm

What are the food and activities to consider and avoid by IIH patients

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Re: Diet for IIH Patients

Post by Shelly » Mon Jun 12, 2017 11:19 am

Hi Hannah, a few years ago we were advising to cut out things like Vitamin A, caffeine and artificial sweeteners as they can affect ICP. There was once a list containing lots of different foodstuffs to avoid but some people were taking it to the extreme and cutting out almost everything on the list :o so it was removed.

We now advocate that eating a healthy diet including the RDA of Vit A and other vitamins is the best way to maintain health. It is often trial and error. Artificial sweeteners such as aspartame can affect some peoples ICP quite badly but then for others, such as my daughter, it has no affect what so ever.

Keeping a food diary is a good way of finding out what your triggers are, that way you can learn about what foods affect you as an individual and if badly affected find a level that suits you.

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