Womens health and IIH posting Guidelines

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Womens health and IIH posting Guidelines

Post by iih » Fri Feb 24, 2017 7:26 pm

Posting Guidelines

This board is intended to be a board for discussions relating to womens health and IIH.

Here are the posting guidelines for the Men's Health and IIH board:

- while general IIH related questions relating specifically to men can be posted in this board - general questions about IIH not related specifically to men should go on the relevant board in the "Discussions section of the site, i.e. 'Medical Treatments', 'Surgical Treatments', 'General IIH Questions & Answers' etc.

- please remember that we're not doctors, and shouldn't be giving medical advice - please see the relevant sections in the forum's rules about medical advice and prescription medication. Sharing your experiences of what's worked for you and your IIH is fine, but you shouldn't be telling other members things like, "If you take X, Y and Z it will improve your symptoms" - there's more guidance on this in the forum rules.

- please start a new thread for each question, which will help other members who are searching for information on a specific subject and allow others to comment on your questions. If you're commenting on another member's post, please don't add in another question of your own to the discussion - start another thread for it.

...and of course as always, play nice and stick to the rules. :D



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