After some more info/reassurance please

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After some more info/reassurance please

Post by Chloe369 » Wed Mar 29, 2017 12:50 pm

Hi all, Sorry if im posting in the wrong place? Ive only just joined this sight. This might turn into a long post so I'll try and make it as short and put in as much info as i can.

I was diagnosed with iih in december 2016, didnt have any symptoms at all!! I took my daughter to get an eye test and as I was there and it wasnt busy I asked to get mine checked too! Was getting them checked and the lady stopped, got second opinion and sent me straight to a&e!! From there I was in hospital for 5 days, had ct scan, many tests and a lumbar puncture. (I measured 29 on the lp which i was told was very high as it should be between 10-15??) any way was then sent home with acetazolemide 3x a day. These were awful and i had to call my gp and get them changed, i was the most ill i have ever been in my life! Literally couldnt move had really awful effects from them, i think because i have hypermobility since i was a child that the meds made my joints terrible? Anyway im now on the slow release ones since jan and have been fine up until last week i started to get head aches and occasional blurred vision. I had to go to eye hospital a&e and they have upped my dose and booked me in to see my consultant next friday!

Since going hospital a few days ago i am really worried and cant shake the feeling, he checked my eyes and the optic nerve swelling on both eyes has gone worse :( i really wasn't expecting this as ive been on the meds since january so was hoping it would have gone down atlease, definitely not gone worse!

Has anyone else been in a similar situation and what was the outcome?? Maybe the consultant will get another lp done when i go next friday?

Sorry its a verry long post. Im just really worried and feel awful my headache has gotten worse again due to upping the dose and my joints are abit sore, im going to keep taking them though and see if there in any change by next week! Sorry im rambling just dont know what to do and nobody really knows about the condition so its hard talking to people. Im 26 with 2 young children so i want to be as well as possible :(

Any advice or tales of similar situations or your stories would be great!

Hope everyone else is feeling well :)
Chloe xxxx

Clare Parr
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Re: After some more info/reassurance please

Post by Clare Parr » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:18 pm

Hi Chloe,
It's a lot to take in at 1st. There are other medications they can try you on. Many of them can deplete your potassium levels like Acetazolamide does and having lots of potassium rich foods in your diet can really help with that and ease the pins & needles.
There are a few with hypermobility in our Facebook support group IIH SUPPORT UK may be worth joining there too.
Keeping well hydrated and eating healthy food to give your body the best chance to stay strong can really help.
Propping yourself up at night with an extra pillow or two can help too, a V shaped pillow is great for support.
There is info on the website about done tests you may have next and treatment
Hope things go well next week hun and you are not alone x
Facebook - IIH Support UK

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Re: After some more info/reassurance please

Post by Hannah01 » Fri Jun 09, 2017 5:53 pm

Hey Chloe, welcome here you are at the right place. Its happens accidentally but it is better to have the diagnosis and i can understand the anxiety is natural. Hope things will move in the right direction. I wish you all the best

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