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Using your computer - using the web

Post by iih » Fri Feb 24, 2017 4:00 pm

If the text on web sites is a little (or a lot!) too small for you, there are a number of ways you can increase the size of the text displayed on web pages, and some web browsers (such as Opera and Firefox) allow you to zoom in on images as well.

Resizing Text

If you find the text is too large or too small for you to read comfortably, there are many different ways you can adjust it, depending on your browser and the platform (Windows or Mac etc.) you're using. The site is designed to allow users to re–size the text to their personal preference. Increasing font size will make the letters on the page larger. Decreasing the font size will make the letters smaller – therefore you'll see more of the page at once.

Method 1 – The Mouse

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel hold down the CTRL(Control) key on your keyboard and scroll the wheel – on a Mac system the Ctrl key is called the "command" key (the one with the apple logo on it). This adjusts the text size on most platforms and browsers. Scrolling one way increases the text size, and scrolling the other decreases the text size – the direction of scroll can be different for some browsers, so you'll need to try scrolling both ways to find the best font size for you. This might not work on all systems though, or of course if your mouse doesn't have a scroll wheel, therefore you might need to use one of the other methods described below.

Method 2 – The Browser

The method of altering text sizes varies between the different browsers. The methods for most of the most commonly used browsers are shown here. If instructions for your browser aren't shown here, you can usually find out how you can alter the text size on your browser by looking under the "View" menu. You should find an option called "text zoom", "text magnification", "text size", or "font size".

Internet Explorer 7+

Select Text Size from the View menu, and the choose the size you want.

Internet Explorer 5+

In the 'View' menu you'll find 'Text Size', which has a sub–menu. The sub-menu has the items 'Largest', 'Larger', 'Medium', 'Smaller', and 'Smallest'. One of these will be marked; this is your current font size. Just click whichever font size you want to select it.

Mozilla Firefox

Select Text Size from the View menu, and choose 'increase', 'decrease' or 'normal' as appropriate. You can also hold down the 'Ctrl' (the 'Command' key on Macs) key and press the keys '+' or '-' to increase or decrease your font size.
Netscape Navigator (7.0+)

Select 'Text Zoom' from the 'View' menu, and change the 'Zoom Percentage'. This only increases the size of text and not images.

Opera (8.0+)

Zoom the entire page, adjusting the size of images as well as text by selecting 'Zoom' from the 'View' menu and then altering the percentage zoom. You can also choose a different style mode such as "accessibility mode" by selecting 'View' and then changing the preferred Style.

Method 3 – The System Font

Sometimes, adjusting the font size in your browser may not be enough (and adjusting font sizes in your browser will only affect viewing web pages, not other things you use your computer for). It may be necessary to change your 'system font' size, which will affect the size of all text on your screen, not just web pages. The methods for changing the system font size differ between different operating systems and different versions of operating system software. You can find tutorials on how to change the system settings on different versions of Windows software on Microsoft's website and for options available for changing display options for Macs, see the accessibility section of Apple's website.


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