Lens-magnifying Glass

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Lens-magnifying Glass

Post by iih » Fri Feb 24, 2017 3:59 pm

A freeware software tool that allows you to magnify a screen area to different zoom levels (from x1 to x64). The program is an actual magnifying glass you can move around the screen using either your mouse or keyboard. The magnifying glass is pretty cool (you can have various looks for the magnifying glass) and is very good at magnifying the screen, but the area that is magnified is pretty small (though there is an option called 'BIG magnifier' that brings up a rectangular magnifier that you can move around the screen which does magnify more of the area). It's only downfall is that because it sits on top of whatever program you're running, and doesn't open up in a new window, you can’t for example type and see what you're typing with the magnifier over the top. That said, for simply magnifying text, menus and buttons etc. so you can read them, it works very well, and as it’s free, it's great value!



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