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Posting Guidelines

Posted: Fri Feb 17, 2017 4:15 pm
by iih
Posting Guidelines

This board of the forum is intended for your comments and suggestions for the forum, and for posting questions relating to technical queries, i.e. any problems you have in using the forum or using any of it's features, and general account related queries. It isn't a board for questions relating to IIH - please post them in the appropriate board of the "Discussion" or "Treatment" section of the forum.

Here are the posting guidelines for the "Feedback, Comments, and Technical Queries" board:

- please don't post general IIH related questions in this board - general questions about IIH should go on the relevant board in the "Discussions" or "Treatment" sections of the site, i.e. 'Medical Treatments', 'Surgical Treatments', 'General IIH Questions & Answers' etc.

- this board is intended for general feedback and comments on the forum only, and technical queries related to using the forum software. If you have a specific query about your forum account, or a specific question about anything else relating to your account such as why a particular post has been moderated etc. you should contact the administrator or moderator concerned privately about the matter

- please start a new thread for each topic or enquiry - it helps the forum staff to keep track of queries that have been dealt with and those that are still outstanding, and helps other members who might be having the safe problem to find a solution more quickly.

...and of course as always, play nice and stick to the rules. ;)