Using the forum - hints and tips

The answers to all those questions on how features on the forum work.

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Using the forum - hints and tips

Post by iih » Fri Feb 24, 2017 11:08 am

Not sure how to use a particular feature on the forum? Your starting point is the forum's help section. There's a link to the help section on the forum's main navigation bar which has instructions on using the forum's features, Below, in this "How do I..?" section of the forum you'll also find the answers to commonly asked questions and information on some of the features of the forum.

Forum search
Not sure if a question's been asked before? Up on the right on the top of the forum there's a search box that allows you to search the forum's boards. There's also a link on the forum navigation bar that takes you to the advanced searching options.

There are various settings you can alter in your profile such as whether you receive notifications of replies to your messages, how the forum displays etc. On the left of your profile page there are links that allow you to change many different aspects of your account and how the forum works for you. Don't be afraid to explore them and see what you can customise.

PMs (Private Messages)
The default setting on the forum is that you're not notified about new PMs. On the navigation bar up near the top of the forum there's a link that says "my messages". If you have any new unread messages, a number will appear after the link showing how many new messages you have. Clicking that link will take you to your forum mailbox.

Posting messages
Much like word processing software, you can apply different formatting to text in your messages. Highlighting the text you want formatting will put special "tags" around the text to apply the formatting. Smileys, as you'll see on the posting form, we have a fair number of them, and more are available by clicking on the 'more' link. If you click a smiley, wherever your cursor is in your message is where the smiley appears. Once you've finished typing your message, you can either post, preview or now also spell check your message before posting it. You'll also see an "additional options" link just under the message posting area when you're posting messages - here you can attach things to your message. You can attach a maximum of 10 attachments per message, maximum size 350KB. Types of files you can attach are image files (gif, jpg, jpeg, png, mpg), text and spreadsheet documents (doc, docx (Word documents), xls, xlsx (Excel spreadsheets), pdf documents, plain text files (txt), and "zip" files. Please be sensible with this though. All attachments get uploaded onto the server and use up storage space, which of course we only have a limited amount of, so don't go mad with it.

Child boards
Some sections of the forum have “child boards”. These are listed on the front page of the forum as a list under the description of the main board. You can access "child boards" either by clicking on their name in this list, or by opening the parent board by clicking its name and then opening the child boards within it by clicking their names.


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