Medical advice and prescription drugs

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Medical advice and prescription drugs

Post by iih » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:40 pm

Medical Advice

Anything suggested on this site and forums or opinions offered are not intended to be medical or pharmaceutical advice or to take the place of your doctors' orders, nor to diagnose or treat your specific health problems. Please discuss all methods of treatment with your doctor before starting any treatment mentioned here.

The forum consists of patients, not doctors. Discuss any advice found here with your doctor before trying it. Many ideas are helpful but any treatment can have side effects, could be dangerous if used inappropriately, and should be monitored. Advice or suggestions regarding medicine includes prescription medicines, over the counter medicines (OTC), supplements, vitamins, and herbal alternatives. These are all examples of pharmaceuticals. For the purpose of this post, "medicine(s)" will refer to herbal alternatives, supplements, vitamins, OTC's and prescription medications. Other medical advice includes dietary changes, exercise options, or alternative treatments.

People on the forum are often desperate to try anything that may help them. Most people here are willing to help others, and want to share information that's helped them, but we must be careful when asking for advice or giving advice. IIH is a very individual illnesses, and may not be the only illness we suffer from, and IIH sufferers often take multiple medicines for various conditions. Little is known about the causes and mechanisms of IIH, and because of these two facts, any change of any kind of medication can cause either positive effects or potentially fatal ones.
We aren't doctors here. We don't have access to your medical history, and we aren't medically qualified. We don't know everything you are using and doing to help you with your illness, and while we can make educated guesses as to what may be causing someone new health concerns, we cannot offer any form of diagnosis. We can offer suggestions and advice, of what has worked for us or what we have learned through research and coping with living with this illness, and advice on what to discuss with medical professionals. We can offer advice on helping those in your life understand what you are going through, on coping skills, ways to reduce stress in your life, and easier ways to deal with day to day activities. Sharing what has worked for us is a way to educate fellow sufferers and to "give back" to the IIH community, but we must be careful with the words we use to offer suggestions and advice and what has worked for us. The giving of medical advice on the forum is strictly prohibited.

The owners, Administrators and Moderators of IIH Support will not be liable for any consequences of relying on information provided by forum members.

Prescription Drugs

Not only is sharing prescribed medication with others dangerous; it's also illegal. If it's not obtained via a doctor's prescription there are no guarantees what you might be taking, and if you don't tell your GP what you're taking, you could be putting yourself at risk, especially if you are prescribed other drugs which interact with it. The possession and supply of any drug without a prescription is illegal.

If you pass on your prescription drugs to others, or try to obtain prescription drugs without a prescription, you are breaking the law. The possession (and supply) of Prescription Only medicines without a prescription is a serious offence, under the Medicines Act 1968. Drugs prescribed to you are for your own use only. Even if someone has the same symptoms as you, for them to take a drug that hasn't been specifically prescribed to them can be very dangerous.

The use of this discussion forum, or the forum Private Message or email function to facilitate such illegal activity (or indeed any illegal activity) is strictly forbidden and will result in users being denied access. Use of the forum for illegal activity will not be tolerated and any members found to be indulging in such activities will be immediately and without further warning be banned from the forum, initially for a period of seven (7) days. Any further breaches of this rule will result in a permanent ban from the forum.

If you receive a message from another member asking you to supply medication to them you should alert one of the forum Administrators, forwarding a copy of the message to them, who will take appropriate action. If a request is received by PM (Private Message), you can contact an Administrator by clicking the "Report to Administrator" or "Report to Moderator" link at the bottom of the message. Any such activity will not be tolerated.


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