Our policy on linking to other sites

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Our policy on linking to other sites

Post by iih » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:38 pm

In your profile is the option of adding a link to a website, and this information can also be placed in your signature.

Personal sites are welcome, as long as the content is appropriate. E-commerce, and other money making sites are not allowed, unless by prior agreement of the Administrators.

Sites must also be in English.

The memberlist is regularly checked, and links to sites that are not appropriate will be removed. If it appears someone has joined simply to promote a site, they will find their account deleted. If this has happened by mistake, please contact a member of the forum staff.

Sites about IIH

If you discover a site about IIH or a specific treatment, or any other site you feel may be of interest to other members, please, rather than posting it on the forum, contact a member of the forum staff with details of the site, and why you think it would be of interest to other members/a brief description of what the site's about. That way we can add it to our directory of useful sites for members and visitors in the correct category, so that all the useful links are in one place and easy for members and visitors to access rather than wading through posts to find a link. This will make it easier for everyone to find information quickly, and keep the directory of links we have in a logical order and up to date.

Thanks for your co-operation.


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