Our Forum Principles

This board contains all our forum rules and guidelines which we expect all members to stick to (yes, that means YOU as well!!). Ignore at your peril! ;-)

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Our Forum Principles

Post by iih » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:41 pm

Our forum principles were developed in consultation with and agreed by forum members during November 2007. Our forum principles are:

Our Forum Principles:
- we work together to support each other through the trials and hard times of IIH
- we do not judge or make assumptions, but offer support, friendship, and our experiences to anyone who needs it
- we respect the views and opinions of others, including site members and staff, our doctors, and most importantly ourselves
- we work with medical professionals and other organisations to further the cause of IIH and improve research into the condition

As part of our general community guidelines, we expect all our forum members to stick to the spirit of our principles in their posts on the forum.


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