Do I really need to read all the documents in this section of the forum?

This board contains all our forum rules and guidelines which we expect all members to stick to (yes, that means YOU as well!!). Ignore at your peril! ;-)

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Do I really need to read all the documents in this section of the forum?

Post by iih » Fri Feb 17, 2017 3:42 pm


There are only two documents that are "essential reading". These are the Forum Rules, and our Forum Principles. They are the rules that our forum staff will use when deciding whether a member's behaviour or post is acceptable. The other documents are provided to explain the logic behind why we have certain forum rules, and to clarify what is and isn't acceptable behaviour on the forum. They're not essential reading, but if you're wondering why why have specific rules in place, these documents explain why they're there.

We don't make the forum rules simply because we like making rules - the forum staff's lives would be a lot easier if we didn't have rules that we have to 'police' and if we just let members get on and do whatever they wanted to, but our rules are in place to ensure the smooth running of our community, the security of the forum, protect members and forum staff, make information on the forum easy to read and to find, and try and make sure that the forum is a pleasant place to spend time.

If you don’t like the rules, you're free to go elsewhere. We think that the rules we have in place are fair. Just as whether you're at work, at a friend's party, or out in public, there are certain "rules" you’re expected to comply with. The online world's no different to the offline one – there are certain rules you agree to by using any website, and IIH Support is no different from thousands of other sites out there that have rules to ensure the security, safety, and privacy of the site and it's users. The bottom line is the rules of the forum are the rules we work by, and aren’t negotiable.

We want all of our members to be able to post on the forum in safety and for the forum to be a pleasant place to spend time. Stick to the rules, and you won’t have any complaints from us.


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