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Ok. So to some my story up, back in January i developed headaches, blurred vision & tinnitus in left ear. End of February i went to the Eye Doctor, found out my optic nerves were swollen; was referred to a neurologist. After an MRI came back fine, I was diagnosed with Pseudotumor Cerebri & placed on Diamox 1x daily @ 500mg. The medicine helped, & i was thrilled. Fast forward to April 10, I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd child. The next day I called my Neuro's office & was told to stop the diamox, so i did. One week & 2 days later I went to my first prenatal visit, & by then my symptoms were returning..i spoke with my OB & he looked up diamox in his OB textbook & showed me where it stated you CAN take diamox during pregnancy & while breastfeeding. Even told me If i were his daughter he would want me to take the diamox.  He told me to take it, so I did. So since April 20th I have been back on the diamox doing fine.

Then yesterday, I had an appointment with my Neuro. He came into the room I was waiting in & asked if i was taking diamox, I said yes. He said why?? I advised you to STOP. I said well my OB showed me where it was safe. The neurologist jumped all over me, asked me "how many kids do you have?"  I said 2 & 1 on the way.. He said the 2 kids you have, are they healthy?? I said yes.. He said well youll feel really bad about yourself when you have to look at your 2 healthy babies & your 1 unhealthy baby knowing the baby is unhealthy & "malformed" because its all YOUR fault. I said EXCUSE ME?? He said diamox WILL make you an unhealthy baby & the baby will be malformed & youll have to live with that for the rest of your life knowing you chose to take the diamox. I left.... Ran to my car, called my OB office, told them what had happened, my OB called me back PERSONALLY & said first thing, we are going to get you a NEW neurologist. Secondly, I have spoken with multiple neuros & they all agree that it IS safe for you to take diamox the entire pregnancy. The neuro he has been working with about my case also said I would need visual field tests done every 3-4mo to make sure my vision is staying okay throughout the pregnancy. My other neuro never mentioned that. He also said the neuro he has been speaking with does NOT take his patients off diamox for the pregnancy because its been proven its safe to take. So im changing neuros. I just wanted to share my experience & will keep updated as to what happens in the coming months.

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Re: Important Info About Diamox & Pregnancy PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!
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Poor you. You must have felt traumatised. I was 6 months pregnant when i was diagnosed. It was a horrible time. I didn't take any medication at the time I was hospitalised and had my son  at 34 1/2 weeks.

I Carn't begin to understand how you must have felt to be told that you were putting your baby at risk. What mother would intentionally do that? You do right to find someone who will support you and give you the care you deserve.

Without fear and illness, I could never have accomplished all I have.

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Re: Important Info About Diamox & Pregnancy PLEASE READ!!!!!!!!
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hi. A lady i know from trips to the neuro ward took diamox when she was pregnant and her baby boy celebrated his first birthday this week and he is fit, healthy and happy. if they tell you to take it then please do, they will monitor you and your baby throughout pregnancy